Andrew Gioia

Co-founder of TeachBoost

Philadephia, PA

Technologist, lawyer, and amateur craftsman.
I'm passionate about clean design and simple living.

A few years ago I started an educational technology company called TeachBoost with my brother, Mike, and friend, Jason. We make web-based productivity and reporting tools for K-12 schools so that they can leverage their professional development into something wonderful for their educators and students. I maintain the brand and front-end design of the app and run the operations-side of things.

Prior to TeachBoost I was an attorney for two years at a law firm in Philadelphia. I graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 2010 and Cornell University in 2007. In my free time I enjoy building data-visualization tools, tinkering with our growing home automation setup, learning carpentry and woodworking, and spending as much time as possible with my beautiful girlfriend, Beth, and our dog, Gus.


Small OSX menubar app that lets you temporarily disable automatic sleep, dimming, and screensavers.

First foray into Swift, and you can download it now in the Mac App Store now!


Home energy data visualization and reporting app—import energy data to make better decisions.

Built around the GreenButton data standard used by PECO and other utility companies, this PHP app provides some nice charts to view how your home uses electricity.

Particle Bits

Budding blog with Mike on web development, design, technology, and internet thoughts.

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